Join us at the bottom of a 63-million-year-old sea

Join us at the bottom of a 63-million-year-old sea

July 3, 2023

“Please send us an offer for a 98” display”.

That was the inquiry from Geomuseum Faxe, which is located right next to Faxe limestone quarry in Denmark.

But the project quickly developed into much more than that. Our delivery ended up including a video wall, several displays and sound solutions in connection with the museum’s new exhibition about the 63-million-year-old fossil coral reef at the bottom of Faxe limestone quarry.

The museum wanted a modern and audience-friendly solution that could tell the story with live images and sound as part of the experience.

See how Denmark’s fossil coral reef is brought back to life.

See the pictures from the exhibition at the museum and our case story about Geomuseum Faxe.



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